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Playing at KEHILLA

      1300 Grand Ave (near Oakland Ave)

Piedmont CA (across from Ace Hardware)

EAST BAY EXPRESS April 1  “Come for the greed and sex, stay for the doughnuts…. “[T]he play features exquisite power plays and the compelling-yet-repelling Garfield, whose cunning, self-deprecation, dancey rejoinders, and fetish for doughnuts make him…highly watchable.” 
–-Anna Pulley
Piedmont Post March 19
“It’s also an enormously entertaining ride—a not-so-fictional history lesson that rockets viewers right into the present. Garfield points out, in one generation we’ve gone from ‘Ask not what your country can do for you’ to ‘What’s in it for me?’ to ‘What’s in it for me right now?’ ‘Other People’s Money’ is a sobering reminder of how we got here.
"Piedmont Oakland Rep has done a great job bringing it to life.”
---Barry Willis, Critics Circle
Jeremy Larner, Screenwriter, 
Academy Award winner:
"When I saw their riotous and high-spirited production of "The Dining Room" by A.R.Gurney last holiday season, I thought here is a neighborhood theatre company whose work I do not want to miss. The Piedmont-Oakland Rep is thoroughly professional, under the direction of John McMullen, whose imagination and energy never falter, and who promises, with "Other People's Money" by Jerry Sterner, to give us an entertainment both witty and timely." 
Larner won the Academy Award for Original Screenplay in 1973 for "The Candidate" which starred Robert Redford.
INSIDE BAY AREA.COM   ​March 19, 2014  ​“McMullen's five-person cast does a nice job capturing the various characters…. The two that keep the action going ,,,are Shea and Hale as they play their high-stakes money games loaded with sexual tension. Hale is particularly effective as he literally sings and dances some of Sterner's satirical remarks and easy transitions from hard-line, take-no-prisoners businessman to a more childlike enjoyment of the game. --Sally Hogarty, CC TimesReadthe entire review:

Best Off-Broadway Play 1989