​​​​"Bell Book & Candle"

     October 2nd - November 8th    

Fri-Sat-Sun 7:30 pm  (Party Oct 31!)

For $20 Tickets click HERE 

  ​    In  Residence at  PACIFIC  BOYCHOIR ACADEMY    215  Ridgeway Ave. Oakland

               (2 blocks off  Piedmont Ave-----turn at  the 7-11)  

The Perfect October Entertainment              

Hallowe'en "Spirit" Party Oct 31       
forINFO on The Play and on the Spirit Party Click HERE      


"When I saw their riotous and high-spirited production of "The Dining Room" by A.R.Gurney last holiday season, I thought here is a neighborhood theatre company whose work I do not want to miss. “The Piedmont-Oakland Rep is thoroughly professional.--Jeremy Larner, Screenwriter, Academy Award winner for Original Screenplay in 1973 for "The Candidate" which starred Robert Redford.
 “[The Dining Room] is more than a baby step –

it’s a full-fledged accomplishment. Deft orchestrator, the Rep’s artistic director, John McMullen, who has chosen perhaps the perfect play for his company’s debut in town.”--Robert C. Hall, Piedmont Post



Live theatre in Oakland 

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Theater Listings

Live theater in Oakland 

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Dracula Renfield, Seward

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Now in residence at Pacific Boychoir Academy

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"BLOOD TANGO"

Book, Lyrics, Music John McMullen,

Music Tal Ariel, Elizabeth Jane Dunne

Vampire Musical World PremiereJan 29 - Mar 13


“Other People's Money is… an enormously entertaining ride—a not-so-fictional history lesson that rockets viewers right into the present. Piedmont Oakland Rep has done a great job bringing it to life.”---Barry Willis, president, Critics Circle in Piedmont Post 
 “Come for the greed and sex, stay for the doughnuts.  [reviewing"Other People's Money"] …exquisite power plays and the compelling-yet-repelling  (John Hale as) Garfield, whose cunning, self-deprecation, dancey rejoinders, and fetish for doughnuts make him…highly watchable.”–Anna Pulley , East Bay Express
"...the distraught mother is a joy to watch…. [Director John] McMullen keeps the action moving at a good clip….Add two teen pals and a bit of sexual tension…[in 'What I Did Last Summer'], you have a coming-of-age drama  with plenty of grit.” – Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times & Inside Bay Area News
“'What I Did Last Summer' is…a neat ensemble for the often quick scenes with sharp dialogue.  It's a fine Fall entertainment—and hopefully PORT has a long run of its own on Piedmont Avenue.”
​ --Ken Bullock,

Berkeley Daily Planet