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“Come for the greed and sex, stay for the doughnuts…. “[T]he play features exquisite power plays and the compelling-yet-repelling Garfield, whose cunning, self-deprecation, dancey rejoinders, and fetish for doughnuts make him…highly watchable.” 
–-Anna Pulley
Piedmont Post March 19
“It’s also an enormously entertaining ride—a not-so-fictional history lesson that rockets viewers right into the present. Garfield points out, in one generation we’ve gone from ‘Ask not what your country can do for you’ to ‘What’s in it for me?’ to ‘What’s in it for me right now?’ ‘Other People’s Money’ is a sobering reminder of how we got here.
"Piedmont Oakland Rep has done a great job bringing it to life.”
---Barry Willis, Critics Circle
Jeremy Larner, Screenwriter, 
Academy Award winner:
"When I saw their riotous and high-spirited production of "The Dining Room" by A.R.Gurney last holiday season, I thought here is a neighborhood theatre company whose work I do not want to miss. The Piedmont-Oakland Rep is thoroughly professional, under the direction of John McMullen, whose imagination and energy never falter, and who promises, with "Other People's Money" by Jerry Sterner, to give us an entertainment both witty and timely." 
Jeremy Larner won the Academy Award for Original Screenplay in 1973 for "The Candidate" which starred Robert Redford.
INSIDE BAY AREA.COM   ​March 19, 2014  ​“McMullen's five-person cast does a nice job capturing the various characters…. The two that keep the action going ,,,are Shea and Hale as they play their high-stakes money games loaded with sexual tension. Hale is particularly effective as he literally sings and dances some of Sterner's satirical remarks and easy transitions from hard-line, take-no-prisoners businessman to a more childlike enjoyment of the game. --Sally Hogarty, CC TimesReadthe entire review:


"Other People's 



"The Dining Room"

​​"Piedmont Ave Rep's artistic director John McMullen has chosen perhaps the perfect play for his company's debut in town....blessed with six capable actors who take on dozens of varied roles, sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, but always telling.'s a full-fledged accomplishment." ---Critic Robert C. Hall, Piedmont Post 11/27/13

Playing at 4137 Piedmont Ave(across from Barney's)

Sit in our ​Brand New Comfortable Chairs!
"What I Did 
     Last Summer"
by A. R. Gurney
(author of "The Dining Room" and "Love Letters"

November 1-December 13

Saturdays 8:00

Sundays 2:30 & 7:00

       $22 advance / $25 door

Previews $19--Sat 11/1 @ 8:00 & Sun Mat 11/2 @ 2:30

It’s July, 1945,
and the war with Japan still rages.
​Husbands and dads are in the Pacific,
and still In Harm’s Way.
Teenage Charlie is summering with his mother and sister at their cottage on Lake Erie.
​His mom is without her husband
and longs for his letters. 
She struggles with her rebellious teenage son,
with her sarcastic, snoopy daughter,
and with her own loneliness and desires. 
She is at war with her old art teacher
who vies with her for her son’s affections. 
It’s a hot summer, one month before
the Whole World Changes Forever.  ​ But before the summer ends, Charlie will learn
about girls, about art, and about thinking for himself as he passes through
his adolescent rebellion.   

Rosie Fry, Melanie Marshall, Brett Mermer,
Alison Whismore, ​Susannah Wood, Nathan Zabala,
​and Cameron Dodd as "Charlie."

Directed by John A. McMullen II



A.R. Gurney's latest and most compelling sojourn into the discreet heart of America's leisure class—the world which he has continued to expose with fondness, wit and biting accuracy." —Other Stages. 

"The play is warm, touching and humorous, with something to say about the conflict between materialism and idealism which is so basic to the American dream." —The Stage (London). 

"Bravo to all and particularly a bravo to that new sage and chronicler of the American white middle class, Gurney." —NY Post.

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